Félicitations, Bromont (PQ)

From Bromont, Québec (in the Eastern Townships) comes exciting news for locals that also holds important lessons for economic developers everywhere.

GE Aviation has announced that it will open a $61.4 million robotics, automation and instrumentation research and development center in the town.The new center will export intellectual property, processes and software to GE facilities globally. This will mean about sixty (60) new jobs for the region.

GE Aviation noted that its existing Bromont manufacturing facility is one of its most productive global sites.

GE received approximately $8 million in incentives from Investissement Québec and from the province’s Ministry of Finance and the Economy.

This announcement is good news, of course, for the local economy, and while skeptics might carp at the significant incentive that helped entice GE to do the deal, it’s almost certain that the Bromont facility’s workforce, coupled with the region’s expertise in aeronautics, design, and precision manufacturing, gave GE the confidence to turn the facility into something more than a world-class metal shop (which isn’t a bad thing, by the way.)

Another way of saying it is that success breeds success, and that new investments often follow existing investments. This is further reinforcement of the principle that economic developers must always be working with their current investors to see how they can assist in growing their presence beyond current levels.

Nice work, Bromont. Félicitations!